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[Video] Journal: Ambition Part 2

Welcome to Journal, a show from iMoveiLive that takes you behind the scenes of your favorite unsigned artists. This episode we take you behind the scene of former Pretty Ricky front man, Ambition. Buy Spaceship: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spaceship/id526598546 Sponsored by Clique Vodka & JPBTV www.facebook.com/ambitionthekid www.facebook.com/OfficialAmbition Follow: @imoveilive Like www.facebook.com/imove.ilive Visit: http://imoveilive.com/

[The Distribution] Scheme “Grown Man Smoke” (produced by The Analyst)

The Distribution Scheme “Grown Man Smoke” New song from Scheme “Grown Man Smoke” produced by The Analyst. “Grown Man Smoke” is featured on the full lenght project is titled “Pesos Turn to Dollars” and it will be a mixture of both English and Spanish.

[Daily Mojovation] “Thought”

Daily Mojovation Happy Tuesday Brainiacs! Hope your week started off well if not we have a brand new day to get things going in the right direction! Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples don’t count on harvesting golden Delicious .

[Poetry] “After the After Party” by Ale Gasso

Poetry “After the After Party” by Ale Gasso Brainiacs read “After the After Party” a new poem from Ale Gasso   When everyone’s falling or fighting or both or too-close talking those damp promises of future dates forever hugs you get used to that sudden horizontal smack all that broken glass usually blood the punchline…

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[Picking The Brain] Ale Gasso

Picking The Brain Ale Gasso [BMW] Who is Ale Gasso? I like to say that I was born in New York during the blackout of ’77, just because it sounds interesting. But I mostly grew up in Miami. When I’m not writing poetry or working my day job, I’m usually at a bar. Live music…

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[Writer’s Cove] “Westville, Subway and Flowerland” by Flowerland

Writer’s Cove “Westville, Subway and Flowerland” As I began the Fall semester at Southern in late August 1991, there was no way to predict what was to come by December. It would be one of the most significant periods of my life, but as I started my last term at Southern, I didn’t have a…

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[Video] Gypsyphonic Disko “Dreidel Song” ft Katey Red

Video Gypsyphonic Disko “Dreidel Song”  Producer/dj Quickie Mart and Ben Ellman of funk/jazz band Galactic are Gypsyphonic Disko, presenting the music video to “Dreidel Song” featuring bounce diva Katey Red, widely regarded as the first homosexual rapper and pioneer of “sissy rap”. Their most recent release is the free full-length NolaPhonic Volume 2, the New…

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[Video] Rahim Samad, “Nothing To Gain”

  Video:Rahim Samad,”Nothing To Gain” Bronx-bred, Tampa-based emcee Rahim Samad presents the Jeff Osborne-directed music video for “Nothing To Gain”, his new self-produced single from Justice/Reformation, his forthcoming album dropping February 2013. Raised down the block from Sedgwick Avenue, where Kool Herc started hip-hop years ago, Rahim released his first album Freedom/Resurrection in 2004, which…

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[Video] Cashmere D “Wings Up” (Prod TEFLANDON) (Dir. DJ Gus)

Video Cashmere D “Wings Up” Check out the new video from Cashmere D “Wings Up” the track was produced by Teflandon & the video was directed by DJ Gus. Follow: @IAmCashmere_D, @TEFLANDON, @djgus716

[Video] Sean-Toure’ “In the Heat of the Night” ft. yU of Diamond District

Video Sean-Toure’ “In the Heat of the Night” Sean-Toure’ has released his brand new music video for “In the Heat of the Night” ft. yU of Diamond District/Mello Music Group. The song was written some time ago and quickly became a fan favorite, with Sean performing it live on his MPC drum machine at his energetic shows. The…

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[Daily Mojovation] “Integrity”

Great Morning Brainiacs! Happy Monday have a productive & peacful week! A person is not given integrity. It results from the relentless pursuit of honesty at all times.    

[The Producer’s Corner] Motel Eola “Kids Looking For Gold”

Motel Eola “Kids Looking For Gold” This instrumental project is about youthfulness, inspiration & the pursuit of happiness versus harsh reality. Illustrated through sweet samples, heavy drum breaks & cool relevant skits. “Kids Looking For Gold” is my metaphor for our generation of individuals. We are all in search of our own “Gold” whether it…

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