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One of the Nation’s Only Full-Time Hip Hop Culture Course Kicks Off 8th Year Serving LA Students


Los Angeles – The Global Awareness through Hip Hop Culture Program is kicking off the Spring 2016 school year at L.A.’s View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter High School. Taught by award-winning educator Sebastien Elkouby, the class uses Hip Hop culture as a medium to develop critical thinking skills and explore current events, social issues, and media literacy, through creative writing, music, and the various artistic elements of Hip Hop.

Launched in 2001, first as a series of workshops, then as a full-fledged school based program, Elkouby created the class to engage and empower students. “When I was a teen in the 80’s, Hip Hop culture helped me develop a sense of social awareness and gave me confidence to pursue my dreams”, says Elkouby. “Hip Hop can do the same for kids today.”

In the past few years, Hip Hop icons such as MC Lyte and KRS-One have visited the class. This year, Elkouby hopes to have both legendary as well as current popular artists inspire his students.

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M.Anderson • January 14, 2016

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