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“Nicki Minaj Lost Her Mind”

Nicki Minaj XXL Picture Brainofbmw Blog

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I’m driving to work the other day and I hear that Nicki Minaj was upset that she wasn’t allowed to speak with students at her former High School.

I wanted to go back to my HS and speak to students but the new principal declined,” she tweeted to her 18 million followers. “No need to inspire them, I guess.
The Queens-raised singer said she wanted to “pay it forward” to a school that changed her life.

I was really looking forward to it,” she tweeted. “I guess I’m not good enough.
Several LaGuardia students on social media quickly vowed a protest, but sources said Minaj didn’t tell the whole story. The proposed visit was part of an MTV production involving a film crew — making it a non-starter on short notice, an education official told the Daily News.
The source said MTV wanted to film during after-school programs, and during a tight window, while Minaj was in New York. Principal Lisa Mars and DOE officials agreed the shoot would “directly” interfere with instruction.
“We suggested alternative times for the singer to appear at the school, such as a weekend date. She and MTV declined because of her tight schedule,” the source said.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/nicki-minaji-claims-laguardia-hs-won-visit-school-article-1.1937440#ixzz3DIdsV0TX

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So I have a few issues, first and foremost there is NOTHING, I want her to talk with my kids about. While she can serve as an inspiration (not a role model), with all that she promotes with her music I don’t fee like she is the best person to come & speak with our youth. She does a great deal of speaking through her music and social networks and I can’t say that those interactions are inspiring. Another issue I have is the insincerity of it all. According to NY Daily News the event would have been an MTV production. That is fine to do, maybe not during school hours, not when learning is taking place.  Nicki why not come by on a Saturday have MTV cater the event have you can make a donation to the school for computers, books or instruments or just supplies in general. Consider giving the  school a slice of the money you and MTV were set to make off of their students & facilities. Or maybe  just go there with security, meet everyone in the gym speak to the kids, inspire them & have someone from your team film it for the “gram”. I respect the fact that she wanted to speak, but I question her true motives because of the TV element. I respect & appreciate famous folks like the Pittsburgh Steelers  veteran, Troy Polamalu who is known to visit kids in the local Children’s hospital. He goes there on his own, no cameras, no press releases or formal annoucements. It isn’t the “Just take a picture & sign a football” sort of  thing like him visiting a young Steeler fan named Heather. Check out the story on Bleacher Report.

I’m all for folks who have worked to become successful doing their best to “pay it forward“. Just do it in earnest to help those who are still on their journey. So Nicki feel free to take a page from Troy Polamalu’s book leave the Viacom sponsored productions elsewhere or be willing to work with the school & make it beneficial to them. That would be truly paying it forward.

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brandonw • September 14, 2014

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