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Westend Migo – ‘Barbershop’

Boston native Westend Migo moved to Atlanta at the age of 12. Engulfed in the fast paced lifestyle, Migo found his inspiration for music trying to create a way out for his family after the collapse of their multi-million dollar clothing company. He makes music for those who struggle to do things the right way, but do what they have to do to survive. Migo has a true story to tell not to be glamorized but to be embraced. Everybody goes through trials and tribulations; He chose to turn his series of unfortunate events into music that can hopefully inspire and motivate people who find themselves in similar situations to do better. Migo’s music is an outlet that one can use on their own journey down their own road to success through struggle and reflection. Stream his new single, ‘Barbershop‘ below.

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M.Anderson • April 12, 2016

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