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Developments in technology and the subsequent accessibility of professional audio gear to mere mortals has meant that pro recording studios may one day become a thing of the past. With more and more chart topping music is coming from semi professional studios and home recording environments, it’s become obvious that the gear has become good enough to pull it off for some time.

What was once a $100K acoustically treated room with $200K worth of equipment has been replaced with sweaty teens toiling over cracked plugins and Abelton in their bedrooms. We’re certainly not complaining just stating the facts! So what makes a young producer and his partner in crime develop a world class recording studio in the heart of Sydney? While we didn’t get the chance to speak to the owners of Enmore Audio, we hope that their investment pays off because this place is truly next level.

Built in stages over the course of 3 years, and designed by the legendary John Sayers (look him up if you get the chance), Enmore Audio is a world class analog and digital recording studio which brings together the best of both analogue front end warmth and grit as well the flexibility and accuracy of modern day digital recording.

The heart of the studio is the new Universal Audio Apollo 16 and of course Pro Tools HD. We also noted some incredible microphones, vintage keyboards, analogue pre-amps and no less than 3 tape machines. If you’re keen to see their full gear list check them out online at http://enmoreaudio.com. They have a handy list on the home page.

A quick Google search reveals there’s no shortage of recording studios in Sydney however the effort and intent that has gone into make Enmore what it is will ensure that it stands out from the pack. Digging a little deeper we found that Enmore Audio is in fact part of We Are Happy Media; a collective who own and run Happy, one of Australia’s most prominent independent music blogs.

As long as there is music there will be people across the world finding ways to create it, promote it and support it. We’re psyched to have come across Enmore Audio and the team behind the project. Well worth a look.

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M.Anderson • February 2, 2016

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