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“My Hero” by BMW

With some recent happenings it seems as though there’s a debate on social media about what a hero is, who a hero is or can be and what’s heroic. The context of the debate is something I care not to touch with a 20 foot poll , however, I would like to talk about my own personal, and what I consider being heroic is. 
Many have said that being brave makes you a hero or an act of bravery makes you heroic. Doing the thing that most see as very difficult to do seems to be an acceptable connotation. To me it’s more so a person who offers something unselfishly for the benefit or betterment of another. Doesn’t have to be physical, but it’s something selfless offered from one to another. 

Last night I was saved by a hero. Wednesday night I went to the grocery store for my wife with my 14 year old daughter Jaidon. On the way there we saw my dad. If you know me personally you know I don’t have much of a relationship with him. But the crash course is this. We have lived less than 5 miles apart for close to a decade and in my entire life including last night I remember seeing him 6 times maybe 7, I’m 30 years old, let that sink in. Anyway, so last night we’re in the parking lot of the Community Market and I see him and he’s headed home. I mention to Jaidon that I see him and the conversation begins. This is ALWAYS a sore subject for me, my relationship (or lack thereof) with him has always been inexplicable because I have siblings who he raised … As far as I know I’m the odd man out amongst 4 or more kids. So after I told Jaidon we just drove by him and we (more like me) began talking about the number of times I’ve seen him in my life. She could tell I was starting to get emotional so she said “that’s his loss, he missed out because you’re awesome”. Let’s be clear she’s 14, you can sense when a teenage girl is being disingenuous. Those words touched my soul, I’ve never felt so special, so important. It was at a time when I needed some sort of love and encouragement and without hesitation Jaidon threw on a SuperMan cape. I can’t describe how good to feels to hear genuinely kind words from your own child when they don’t have their hand out. Every kid says “I love you dad” (or maybe just mine? Lol) at the cash register and I’m ok with that later on they’ll get the real deal with all that. This moment in time is frozen for me, I keep replaying it in my head. I mean there aren’t many times where this subject, this very issue hasn’t mentally defeated me and reduced me to tears. The beautiful thing is that I am still crying and I’m crying because I was saved, I witnessed what being heroic is. My Jaidon is my hero…. 

This isn’t the first time she’s donned a cape for her dad either. Feb 11, 2015 around 4pm I’m in the car with her AGAIN (man we spend so much time in the car) & I’m on the phone with (You Guessed it) my father. I’m inviting him to my birthday party & after I give him all the details he says “Ok man thanks for inviting me, whose party is it?” I pause for a second & Jaidon looks at me & then I reply “It, it’s my 30th birthday party”. He goes on to say “Oh! It’s your party man? Wow wait, wait when is your birthday? I REMEMBER EVERYBODY’S BIRTHDAY EXCEPT YOURS MAN”….. I replied “It’s the 12th, Febuary 12th”. He ended the conversation by saying “Oh ok yeah man I’ll give you a call around 7 if I can make it”….I said “OK” & hung up. I refuse to cry in front of my kids if I can help it & at that moment while driving I was fighting back tears. Then Jaidon says “Did he just say he didn’t know when your birthday was?…. (long pause) Really??”. All I could do was shake my head and muster a “Yeah”. I think she said “It’s ok, I wouldn’t even want him there” & the way she said it just oozed with that teen age girl “snippiness”. I laughed & it helped me escape the battle with anger & sadness raging inside me. So you see when it comes to being heroic, saving someone in their exact time of need, my baby girl is a repeat offender & I couldn’t be more proud.

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brandonw • June 4, 2015

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