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Nya Lee “Fur Season”

Fur Season” is a recent release from up & coming artist & LHHNY cast member Nya Lee. Prior to this song I’ve not heard anything from Nya Lee before. She didn’t gain a fan with this one but she didn’t lose a potential fan either. As a man, I have to be honest she looks amazing in this video that outfit under the coat…… yeah… wow… but as far as the music goes eh…This beat is fire, she leaves much to be desired in the way of lyrics. I guess that this is supposed to be a club/party record & that’s fine but Drake & Nicki have shown the ability even recently to spit a few hot lines while keeping the party moving. Not to say Nya HAS to be like either of them but it’s worth noting that there are artists in the same genre who can do it & do it successfully. Aside from that I’m sure PETA is PISSED beyond belieif with this video. Nya released a mixtape of the same name as well so I’m going to check that out & see if I’ma fan or not… What about you? Leave some comments is this fire or trash?

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brandonw • February 17, 2015

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