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Latia “Control” (Video)

A few things are very apparent to me at this point, for starters this song “Control” is f*ckin FIRE! In addition to that based on the work she & her team have done recently (Song release, Release Party, Video Release) that she is not playing games! Check out the new visuals that go along with Latia’s super sexy song. Its been a while since I listened to the song BUT watching the video reminded me of how dope she sounds, I’ve actually played the video about 7 times & not even watched, just minimized the page & zoned to the song… So I watched the video…. WOW…. just wow… very good quality work, very sexy video, dance moves weren’t corny or forced… I’ve not been let down by Latia yet…. Watch is for yourself!

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/latia-2
Twitter: @Latia_EFB

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brandonw • February 24, 2015

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