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Kingz & Pharaohz “Life Support II”

Just watched this “Life Support II” visual from Kingz & Pharaohz about 5 times. The visual is amazing, I love the everything about it, the beach setting the dancers the way it was shot & edited. The song? I can’t say I loved it, it wasn’t terrible & after listening a few more times it grew on me. Can’t say that its a track that would be added to my ipod(yes I still roll with a 60G iPod FIGHT ME!). The beat is what sort of threw me off, the start of the song when the prayer is going on I was like “ok this could be something, let the beat build!“… then that was it. I wanted there to be more, while the beat does well to add to the feeling of passion in the track I just felt like there something was missing. Overall not a bad track they haven’t lost me as a fan that’s for sure.

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brandonw • May 27, 2015

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