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Jasmine Tate “Lose Yourself/I Know I Can/The Anthem” (Cover Melody)

In the midst of my anger this morning I have found something to calm me down…. There is a fiery blog coming about an event taking plan tomorrow in Pittsburgh. For now just know that thanks to me finding out about that invite I found out about Jasmine Tate. This video is her performing a live melody ofEminem’s “Lose Yourself “, Nas’ “I Know I Can(The Pledge) ” and Jake Hamilton’s “The Anthem” at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh I will admit I am a slacker when it comes to showcasing talent from my hometown that is NOT hip hop…. But I’m proud to bring you all Jasmine Tate’s dopeness today! be on the look out for that angry blog later on today or this weekend as well…. but for now allow your Friday to begin on the right path by jamming to the amazingness that is Mrs Tate!

Website: www.jasminetate.com
Twitter: @jasminetatertot
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JasmineTateMusic
Instagram: @jasminetatertot

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brandonw • January 16, 2015

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