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Ira Soul Music Video

Ira Soul “I Just Wanna Love You”

I don’t know if I have been slacking or if Ira Soul has but I haven’t heard music from him since 2012 when I booked him for the Ill City Records TakeOver Tour…. Check out his new video “I Just Wanna Love You“…. I’m not sure how I feel about this one…. Like I can see what the intention was here I just don’t know if it was completely and properly executed. I think the desire was to bring that 90s feel with the smooth and simplisitc beat the talking on the track. There are some really dope parts to the song & some where I just want to turn it off & never hear it again. Not sure the vocals are completely polished there are some rough parts that could have been redone or maybe even cleaned up during mixing/mastering. I think Ira can bring more, I think he can do better & I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes this. Either way check out the video let me know what YOU think.


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"I Just Wanna Love You"Ira SoulMusicPittsburgh Video

brandonw • January 19, 2015

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