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Swoozy & Rodge “Only Bout’ You”

So I think it was about a week ago Swoozy posted on FB that he was going to be in the studio all day with Rodge…. Damn shame you are only allowed to “like” a post once…. I actually got caught up in a bunch of other stuff so I forgot to check their Soundcloud until tonight. Good thing I did, because tonight they released two new songs the first one being “Only Bout You“. Dope song that features Rodge adding some sort of Caribean, Soca vibe to the hook/vocals. Just a really dope song that showcases the duo’s diversity. A few things are consistent with every song they’ve released that I can recall, the production is always on point, they never slack when it comes to the bars, they usually add some really cool melodies & harmonies to their songs really sets them apart. The Swoozy & Rodge catalog is really growing & I feel like I don’t OWN enough of it. Hoping a project is coming soon, if not I’ll just create a new mixtape from all the random releases over the last year and change.

Twitter: @Swoozy13
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/swoozy & soundcloud.com/swoozyrodge

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brandonw • June 25, 2015

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