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Swerve 916 Ft Rav.P “Good Vibes Good Energy” (prod by Rav.P)

Wasn’t really sure about this song at first but I gave it a few spins one part really stuck out to me. One of the artists said something about how its acceptable & encouraged for people to take ritalin in america but weed is a bad thing. BOOM! Instant win for me, I agree with that 100% overall the song isn’t bad I like the message. I’m all about “Good Vibes & Good Energy” & the bars contain some real talk “Alot of decoys in this world I tell them stand off” & “One thing I can’t stand is a fake positive brotha they talk a good one but won’t say Hi to ya brotha” he went on from there & it was all spot on now that I think about it…. Once you really listen to this song there is nothing to be on the fence about… The content is solid, the beat isn’t bad its simplistic (or maybe my laptop speakers won’t let it properly flourish?) it doesn’t take away from the song for sure. Swerve & Rav.P did their thing with “Good Vibes Good Energy“. Rav.P will be performing live with Dave East on April 12th at SOB’s in NYC where he will be releasing a new video filmed in Dubai for his upcoming 3 part EP titled “Slave Name TODD“.

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"Good Vibes Good Energy"Hip HopMusicRapRav. PSwerve 916

brandonw • April 4, 2015

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