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Sophia Alexa “Runaway Child”

Runaway Child” is a song I just stumbled upon checking who recently followed me on Soundcloud (soundcloud.com/brainofbmwpromo). The song is from a very talented Sophia Alexa all her bio says is Singer/Songwriter. Born in California, raised in Amsterdam & London. Hard to really tag this with a genre, its not R&B, not really Rock or Pop, it’s on the line of a Folk song with the vibe the singer Jewel used to give off. Forget trying to classify it I’ll leave that to someone else.I really like “Runaway Child” this song, love the vocals & the song writing . looking forward to checking out more from Sophia.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sophiaalexamusic
Twitter:  @realsophiaalexa
Soundcloud:  soundcloud.com/sophiaalexa
Instagram: @sophiaalexamusic
Website: www.sophiaalexa.com

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"Runaway Child"MusicSongSophia Alexa

brandonw • July 7, 2015

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