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[ Music Review ] Kingz & Pharaohz X 8&9 Clothing Co “Gangsta [Re]Defined”

Check out the new visual for “Gangsta [Re]Defined” from Kingz & Pharaohz X 8&9 Clothing CO. This is sort of a remix to the original jam make sure you check it out as well. “Gangsta

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Let me just give you a few of my initial thoughts. For some reason I wanted the song & video to be longer…. I wanted more, it’s understood that this is sort of a remix of the original. Doesn’t mean they had to rob us of dopeness by having this version be a bit longer. Aside from that the clothes were decent not “DOPE“. I’ll be honest I’m not tripping over myself to find my wallet to buy everything in sight on www.8and9.com. But from what I have seen there are some things to consider adding to the wardrobe without a doubt. I’d even write a review…. I’m also not saying that YOU shouldn’t get your credit card & head over to their site & get your purchase on either. I’m merely saying from what I saw in the video I wasn’t “moved” or “inspired” to purchase anything. Still going to make sure I check out what else they have to offer. I’m talking a ton about the clothes & not the song right? It was basically an extended commercial though & that was the point. The formula is clear, Dope Beat + Beautiful Woman + Product Placement = (USUALLY) WIN. So I get it, very well shot video, very dope song .
Overall,  wait let me re-watch it first … Upon further review you won’t catch me in the darker shirts, or Camo shorts (Being from Pittsburgh every summer EVERYONE & their grandmother wears camo shorts & I’m SICK OF THAT SH*T!!!!!). I am fully aware that the Camo shorts aren’t sold by 8&9 I just wanted to share my disdain for them.  The white shirts they are wearing at the start of the video are dope. So making a trip over to www.8and9.com to see what they have for me is now higher on my priority list for this week…. Overall the track was enjoyable, and the video makes the song more appealing. They showcased the clothing in a great way instead of just constant shots directly at the shirts or someone holding up a random shirt or something overly corny like that. Dope song, decent clothing mostly everything about it was enjoyable. Looking forward to more from Kingz & Pharaohz & hoping 8&9 might bless the #Brainofbmw Team with an interview for our “Trend Setter Tuesday” section?

Twitter: @DjMixx305 @TerryBBk @KingzNPharaohz @8and9
Website: www.8and9.com

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brandonw • June 25, 2014

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