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[ Music Review ] Kaylin Garcia “Want It More”

By BMW (@BMW_ImChillin)

If you aren’t familiar with who Kaylin Garcia is its clear you aren’t connected to all things Black Twitter. That isn’t always a bad thing TRUST ME… Anyway for those unfamiliar with her, Kaylin is the ex- girlfriend of Joe Budden (former Def Jam recording artist & current member of Shady Records group SlaughterHouse). This recent foray into music is a similar trend for Joe’s ex’s as a while back we were given the fairly decent song “Devil”  from his most recent & long time ex Tahiry Jose. I wasn’t angry at Tahiry even though its clear she can’t actually sing & she was “just trying something new”. Kaylin rose to relevance through Joe’s & eventually her own Instagram with tons of basically naked racy photos & eventually landed a spot on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York. Since she wasn’t part of the recent cast of #LHHNY she has been hosting parties & even went on tour. Her very own “Twerk Tour” going city to city teaching ladies the art of the “twerk” Im not made at all, she has a background in dance & fitness this is just an extension of that. What I do have issue with is this damn song & video. Now here on brainofbmw.com we showcase a great deal of new artists, so its only right we gave Kaylin the same platform. I caught the video for “Want It More” & I admittedly assumed it would be a good 3 to 4 minutes of her twerking & showcasing her flexibility over a decent beat & average lyrics. I was wrong, the song is basically auto-tuned to the max (Clearly Kaylin can’t sing or at-least didn’t desire to show us she could) & the video while sexy at times was just “Eh”. I’m not at all a fan of the over usage of the auto-tune but I understand it has its place. I also wasn’t a fan of the very basic lyrics either. I respect the fact that she is going to get it by any means. I respect anyone who has a great deal of desire & is willing to do what it takes to support themselves. I just don’t think music is it for her. I’ve been wrong before,  in 2002 I said I wasn’t sure Lebron was going to be that special, so there’s that. I’ll just be honest there is nothing special, or massively appealing about this song. The hook isn’t the worst I’ve ever heard but its not money in the bank either. I can’t even say the same I said about Tahiry’s song, “damn they wasted a great hook & a dope beat”. In this case I think this was just a waste of everyone’s time. That’s not to say she can’t come back & drop something that heats up the summer either. I just didn’t hear anything that leads me to believe “She can build on this“. As far as exposure, yes she’s still remaining somewhat relevant and hasn’t resorted to taking the sex tape like Mimi from #LHHATL. Overall I give the song 1/10 and the video 3/10. How can she get better? Better song writing maybe some vocal coaching, substantially LESS auto-tune, a Video Director might help with the next visual just so it has a point & purpose. If there is going to be another song/video maybe use that as a chance to show off some serious dance & acting skills & then that could open up the possibility of some other sources of income for the once homeless dancer. Check out the video below you can also purchase “Want It More” on iTunes.

Twitter: @Kaylin_Garcia
Instagram: @Kaylin_Garcia
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/OfficialKaylinGarcia

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brandonw • April 28, 2014

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