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[ Music Review ] Kairo “The Ride”

Check out the new video from Miami’s own Kairo “The Ride” read my thoughts below after you check out the video.

The visual aspect of this video is dope! How there are overlays of someone driving through a city, I like that! Don’t know that I have ever seen that in a video before at-least none that come to memory. Song was just “Ehhhh” for me. The hook wasn’t anything special, the beat overpowered his vocals which is never a good thing. The song isn’t one that’ll be added to the personal collection, but the video is dope. To Kairo’s credit he doesn’t sound like a typical MIA artist, his style has more of that North Eastern influence, think more Queens Bridge less Dade County. There is potential there that just wasn’t’ reached on this song. MAYBE if the hook was a different voice or  had a modification to the vocals the song would have been WAY better. Think the Ludacris song “2 Miles an Hour” yes he used a sample as the hook BUT it was slowed down & it separated the verses from the hook. Kairo does the hook himself in the same ton & cadence so it sounds & feels like one long verse which in a sense is boring. The song overall would work with that modification to the hook. I’m hoping to hear more from Kairo keep doing your thing!

**Funny side note Kairo looks like a younger Gille Da Kid (no diss just an honest observation lol )
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brandonw • June 29, 2014

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