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Worth Brainofbmw Review

Worth “#MV4″(90s era Refugee)

If a few dick memes, an average diss track & a 72 hour online roasting session bring out THIS version of Worth aka #BeckhamVeli imagine what some heart & focus can do! I’ve let the hype that initially came over me upon my first listen and I’d say that is to my benefit & my readers as well. It’s better to let a song breathe & allow the first wave of emotions to pass you by so you can think & absorb the music with a clear mind & perspective. Worth finally had enough of the slander,  dick memes, all the jokes & dropped “#MV4” (side note I have a feeling Hubbs isn’t going to use the “MV” initials to promote his “Modern Vintage”  mixtapes anymore after this lol). I’m about 8 listens in there is a certain level of respect due to Mr Beckham but not a great deal of it. He has been at this “diss” track business for a what seems like 3-4 months now starting with a diss to Greenhouse Hooligans. Credit is due here because each new release has been better than the predecessor. That is not saying much considering where we started (evidence here). Anyway, MV4 is interesting because there was a bit of hype behind it but low expectations. There are, however, few things that must be admitted:

  • Worth’s choice of beat is drastically better than Barz, &
  • Worth delivered over this beat better than Barz
  • Worth has more harder hitting “Eww Shit” punches than Barz did
  • He had one bar that hit Barz entire team & it was executed flawlessly
    “Him Iph & Lazy circle jerkin while Thought up in the background twerkin”

You can tell that Beckham is a hip hop head, he understands lyrics, delivery, concepts & could be at least an average rapper if he could get through an entire verse and stay on beat. For what I like this song was more enjoyable, Barz diss was all about making sure he showed he had the superior pen, this song shows that Worth is a bit more creative. Neither song is legendary, or even dope for that matter. I look forward to see what happens next though, seems Tim took things a bit far & now DJ Afterthought is possibly coming out with something maybe? Time will tell… Oh one last thing, to those who are upset or bothered by this shut up, let these artist flex their muscles, allow them the chance to showcase their skill in a different & popular forum where they can gain some more respect & possibly some more fans. To the casual fans not connected, I suggest you take all of this in & try to enjoy it, Several of the dollars in my own pocket could be placed on a bet that these two young men never take this so serious that someone gets physical with the other. Now someone else, that can’t be spoken for on my behalf but seriously just enjoy the free entertainment & jokes. This last week or so has made for some of the most entertaining stuff in a long time. Also if you can’t put 4 bars together yourself, keep your thoughts to yourself…..

Vote here for who you think won this round: http://wp.me/p1tqjs-4V0

Go here to read my review: http://wp.me/p1tqjs-4TB of Barz Blackman’s diss to Worth.

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brandonw • October 31, 2015

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