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Olivia-Louise Bonkaz Moteleola - Skin Deep Remix

Olivia Louise ft Bonkaz “Skin Deep” Remix (Prod by Moteleola)

Not sure how its possible but Olivia Louise & producer Moteleola did it again, just last week we featured “Scorpio” from these two. Here we are with the “Skin Deep” Remix. I love the original track this remix is solid, still showcases Olivia’s excellent writing skills and with a solid yet simplistic beat Moteleola does a great job of allowing Olivia’s unique vocals & writing ability to be the focus. The smooth vibe still remains all the way through even with the nice change of pace supplied by Bonkaz’s verse which rounds out an amazing collaboration. Real questions I have now are “When the album is coming??” & “Why isn’t she famous yet?” … Oh & ff you are waiting for me to say it YES, yes I would spend my hard earned money to buy the remix to “Skin Deep” just like I would “Scorpio“, “Cocaine“, & “Physical” (I actually did buy that via iTunes & so should you!). I really like the approach she takes releasing really solid original songs & then working with DJs, other artists & producers to remix those songs. It gives each song a chance to create a new life, reach new people & impress me all over again. Also have to admit I’m slacking I’ve been sitting on this email for a few days so fans I’m sorry I forced you to wait… ENJOY!

Twitter: @Olivia_LouiseUK @Moteleola_
Website: www.olivia-louise.co.uk

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brandonw • February 18, 2015

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