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Lucian fly by night

Lucian “Fly By Night” ft Noe

Fly By Night” is a recently release song from Lucian ¬†featuring NOE… DAMN DAMN DAMN! I really love this song to the point I’d pay for it. (it’s free thankfully) The vocal performance is unbelievable the production is flawless, everything about this song works for me. DID I HEAR A HARP??? The writing is on point as well the second verse I think is my favorite but the opening verse is amazing as well. This is supposed to be the debut single from a forth coming Lucian EP… I’m here for more of this, sooner rather than later for sure.

Facebook: facebook.com/lucianmusic
Twitter: @luciantune @_ibynoe

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brandonw • May 14, 2016

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