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Koopa Jacobs “Oatherii/Reassurance”

This is new track from Koopa Jacobs is on point! And midway through the song? That beat switch though? Sheesh, this song is over 6 minutes of dopeness from a production standpoint. It is well worth multiple listens & a download I might even consider purchasing to be honest. Looking forward to hearing more from Koopa but for now I’m going to do what you should & enjoy “Oatherii/Reassurance“.


Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/koopajacobs
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sliimbambino
Twitter: @SliimBambino

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"Oatherii/Reassurance"Bay Area Hip HopHip HopKoops JacobsMusicRap

brandonw • May 4, 2015

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