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Klassik “Autumn EP”

Autumn”  is the fourth and final EP from the SEASONS series. “Full SEASONS LP” coming July 2015. I’m become a big fan of Klassick & this “Seasons Series”. I love the smooth musical vibe “Autumn EP” offers which stays true to the overall feel of the “Seasons Series”. The production is flawless mixed well with impressive rhymes & melodic vocals through all 3 songs. My favorite track would have to be “Hi Klass” I love all the jazz elements, well ofcourse Klassik’s style is a mixture of hip hop, soul & jazz but I feel like it is best showcased on this EP through “Hi Klass“. That isn’t to say that “Ride This Wave” & “Where Do We Go” are bad songs or poor representations of the fusion. This is another amazing & unique project from Klassik & I look forward to what the culmination will be in July.

Website: www.iamklassik.com
Bandcamp: klassik1.bandcamp.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/klassik89
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamklassik
Instagram: @iamklassik

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brandonw • June 24, 2015

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