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JKJ “Get It” Ft. HG RawDawg (Prod By Chris Dreamer)

Up & coming artist JKJ still riding the wave of his previous release “Swervin” is back with “Get It” featuring HG RawDawg with production from Chris Dreamer. I wasn’t sure about this song after listening to this the first few times. The auto-tune annoyed me so much I was missing the brilliance in JKJ’s verse. I actually had to free myself of distractions & give this song & honest 3-4 spins doing nothing else, no tweets, no texts, even emails were ignored. Upon further review, JKJ’s verse is amazing, that would be the highlight of this otherwise very regular song. Part of me being a fan of JKJ wants everything he releases to be a home-run. But I wont’ have issue with letting you know when & if he ever strikes out today isn’t that day. Chris Dreamers production has a strange feel to it at first but I like the beat, the hook I can live with even with the unreal amount of tune. What I’m really not feeling is the verse from HG RawDawg, I’ve heard enough gun, drugs, money, murder talk for 38 lifetimes. Give me something else or nothing at all. At the very least give it to us in a creative way, don’t just spend your 16 saying gun this, brick that. To be fair I don’t recall hearing music from HG before so I’m not sure how well this verse represents who he is an artist but based on it I’m not checking for more. While this song has grown on me overall, I wouldn’t pay for it, I would listen again because that first verse is money in the bank & the beat is solid. ¬†I think my bigger issue is I really abhor auto-tune & the bar is set so damn high right now for JKJ. Part of me thinks he made a song like this to show that he can be diverse & make an industry type of song & still showcase his skills. Either way there’s always “Swervin“!

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Website: www.rarenation.com/jkj
Twitter: @JkJ412, @HgRaw_Dawg, @ChrisDreamer, @Rarenation

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brandonw • June 19, 2015

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