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Hannah Lucia ft Giggs “Lights Out”

Lights Out” is a sexy futuristic  song from Hannah Lucia that features hip hop artist Giggs. Phenomenal production, the various elements incorporated in this song beyond the vocal are amazing. At first I didn’t like Giggs verse, I don’t like it to start off the song even after hearing it a good dozen times. Had it been at the end or in the middle with a good build in to Hannah’s vocals that would have taken this song to another level. Though the way the production is sets up and the way the song carries after Giggs’ verse I can totally get why it was done the way it was & regardless to my views this is an amazing song. With her vocals & the production she has I have no doubt that Miss Lucia is destined to make some very great music. “Lights Out” is well worth the purchase & if they don’t give me the song for free then I’ll have no issue buying it.

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brandonw • June 6, 2015

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