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Frozen Paint Kanye West Remix

Frozen Paint “Only One” (Kanye West Remix)

So….. right before we ushered in 2015 the great Kanye West broke the internet & released “Only One” a new song featuring the great Paul McCartney. I personally really enjoyed the song, felt a bit emotional listening to it even. I guess I’m not the only one who felt that way. I don’t even want to change the words used to describe the song you are about to listen to…. I might even post a screen shot of the email… Check out what Frozen Paint had to say about his remix of Kanye’s new track….

Upon hearing the song “Only One” on the morning of January 1, 2015 I was so inspired and compelled to remix the song, not only because it was an exceptional song – but because God wanted me to…

Just last night I had a dream, or rather a premonition, of meeting Kanye West, and as I awoke I saw signs of the holy trinity (a religious concept that I apply to music) through 3 crows on my doorstep and elsewhere throughout my world and then I heard Kanye West’s new song and knew what must be done to bring that premonition closer to fruition

Hear the fruits of God and his blessings of love here, characterized by Kanye West’s inspirational nature to creativity and progression of art

So with that being said check out Frozen Paint’s remix to “Only One“. ┬áNot sure how I feel about the remix BUT, I ran throough Frozen Paint’s Soundcloud & I must admit there are some very dope music.


Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/frozenpaint

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brandonw • January 2, 2015

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