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Albee Al “N*ggas Done Started Somethin”

Sometimes all I want to hear is someone throw on a beat and set that thing on fire. That’s exactly what Albee Al did to the classic “Niggas Done Started Something beat. I mean he blacked for a good 4 minutes. It’s not always about the metaphors either sometimes it’s dope to hear an artist spit bars that make sense with amazing delivery. It’s even better when the metaphors, similes, double and triple entendres are flying left and right but even if they aren’t a beat can still get set ablaze. This makes me want to go find more of Albee’s music just to see what else he can do… Be on the look out for more from him I think I might be a fan now….

Twitter: @AlbeeAl201
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/albeeal201

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brandonw • June 23, 2015

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