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A.Lee “Gangsta” (prod by Ricky P)

After an extended hiatus Pittsburgh artist A.Lee is back with a new song “Gangsta“. I know many were hoping when I released this exclusive song that I would trash it. After letting it run a few times, it can be said that there are flaws but the overall product isn’t bad. The production is very “meh” it doesn’t take away or add anything special to the song itself. Sort of surprising knowing how talented Ricky P is as a producer.  The hook is delivered pretty damn well, though I’m on the fence about that “Bluuuuessss” part, pretty sure that could be a bit cleaner. More important than that, the”Gangsta” lacks the element of quality songwriting. The verses while well executed for the most part at times come off very corny and dated, more specifically the “Jordans/Important” bars, the random reference to Tupac (Makaveli) to name a few. The content of the song itself isn’t very “Gangsta” shes getting rap money & “Tint” money as well? Since when is it gangster to have multiple sources of income? Or maybe this is her flipping the term ? While part of me gets dead tired of hearing trap/hood songs, there is nothing better than a well executed hood banger, good recent example would be Asco-100k’s “Dabb Lord”. I personally have heard enough “Dabb this Dabb that” but when the production, hook & verses come together and all emit the right type of energy you can’t lose. I digress, some might not agree but this is a fairly enjoyable song, its not earth shattering but “Gangsta” is something worth spinning more than once. More than anything it shows me that with a few tweaks A.Lee has a foundation you can build on. Improved songwriting would be the most important, we know she can sing in key, we know she can rap & deliver bars fairly decent we just need better subject matter maybe a writing team would help? Enough about my view what is yours? Listen to the song & vote! Is this song “Hot Like Fire”(Good) or “Hot Garbage”(Bad)?

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brandonw • June 25, 2015

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