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the raid 2 brainofbmw review

[ Movie Review ] “The Raid 2: Berandal” by Blade Brown

the raid 2 brainofbmw review

Plot– Following the events of the first film, Rama goes undercover and infiltrates a crime syndicate with hope of bringing down the corruption within his police force.

Review– If you haven’t seen this film’s predecessor, “The Raid: Redemption“, stop reading this review and go buy the Blu-ray now. Redemption, like Rumble In The Bronx or Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, helped rejuvenate martial arts films in America. I once called Redemption “The best action movie I’ve ever seen.” Well as of this date, April 14, 2014 I stand corrected. That film’s sequel has become its successor

Berandal, the Indonesian word for “Thug”, does something that only a handful of sequels have done: Surpass the original in every form. It’s rare to get a film like “The Godfather Part 2” or “Aliens“. Both of those films took the story, the dialogue, and the action not only to the edge, but pushed it over. This is a brutal, no holds barred action film that will have you screaming at the fight sequences like they were an Iron Mike Tyson fight from the 90s.

Gareth Evans, who directed Redemption deserves high praise for his work. He clearly has a keen eye for mayhem and he delivers it in a way that will leave you amazed at how they pulled it off. One scene in particular, the films grand finale fight, is a hardcore one on one fight that lasts almost ten minutes long, and I promise you won’t even want to blink. Iko Uwais, the film’s star is a bad ass, simple and plain. He is poised to be the next big action star. Mark my words.

The Bottom Line– This is, in my opinion the must see the movie of 2014. I will not go as far to say nothing will top it this year, but its going to be damn hard to do so.

Rating- 10/10

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brandonw • April 14, 2014

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