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The Amazing SpiderMan Brainofbmw Review

[ Movie Review ] “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” by Blade Brown

The Amazing SpiderMan Brainofbmw Review

Plot– Peter Parker continues to struggle with balancing his life as a high school student and his responsibilities as Spider-Man. When Peter begins to investigate more about his father’s past, he begins to realize that his death & a new threat from Electro both have one thing in common: OsCorp

Review– This sequel is not just your typical comic book movie. Sure, its filled with action and great CGI. Its also probably the funniest Spider-Man movie yet, as Andrew Garfield, much like Robert Downey Jr owns his alter ego in every way. But the thing that drives this movie, is also the best thing about it: Its emotion.

Taking place not far after the events of the first film, Peter is still struggling to balance his love for Gwen and his promise he made to her father to stay away from her. He feels obligated to be Spider-Man, but he is deeply in love with Gwen and doesn’t want to lose her. The chemistry between Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone is undeniable. Of course, them being a actual couple off screen probably contributes to that. But you can sense that a lot of there scenes together were just natural instead of scripted.

Harry Osborne, Peter’s childhood friend and son of Norman Osborne, returns after being shipped away to boarding school eight years prior. While he tries to reconnect with society, he also has to take over as CEO of Oscorp, much to the dismay of certain employees. Also at Oscorp, Max Dillon, an electrical engineer & a Spider-Man fanatic, has a freak accident that seemingly makes him a walking electrical current.

The one thing that I have to be critical about of this film is the actual lack of screen time Spider-Man gets. This movie, much like last year’s The Wolverine is a character driven film. Which is not a bad thing, and we do get to see Spidey swing thru the city a lot, which is always a visual treat. But I would’ve liked to seen a bit more sprinkled throughout the film. Maybe I’ll get lucky when the blu ray goes on sale.

But again, the thing that drives this film is the emotion. Every actor gives a great performance, all leading to an explosive finale that will rock the crowd.

The Bottom Line– While its not perfect, this is a great way to OFFICIALLY start the summer movie season(sorry Captain America 2). With a clear indication of where the next installment is headed, I can’t wait for the web slinger’s next adventure in 2016.

Rating- 8/10


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brandonw • May 6, 2014

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