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Godzilla Brainofbmw Blade Brown Review

[ Movie Review ] “Godzilla” by Blade Brown

Godzilla Brainofbmw Blade Brown Review

Plot– The world’s most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Review– Its been a long 16 years since the last American made Godzilla movie. In 1998, Rolland Emmerich , director of Independence Day & The Day After Tomorrow, tried to bring the Iconic Monster to the big screen. Unfortunately, that film was universally panned by both fans & critics. Which is the reason its taken so long to get another shot with American audiences. It was worth the wait.

The film has a classic Spielberg feel to it. The build up to the first full sighting of Godzilla is brilliant. And when we first see him, he’s bigger than ever, with a roar you can probably hear in the next auditorium. Its almost spine tingling.

The creatures origin is slightly changed in this film from the previous versions. Instead of being created by nuclear bomb tests, its discovered the bombs were set off to try and destroy him. Its a more realistic approach to a monster film, and it works perfectly. The movie has a great ensemble cast, who do a great job of carrying the film until the final act when the monsters take over.

The only issue i have with this movie, is the screen time Godzilla gets. He’s mentioned, but rarely seen until halfway through the movie, and then again in the grand finale. Which again, is GRAND. The scene is so cool, it made me wonder how Godzilla would fair against the monsters from Pacific Rim. My money would be on Godzilla.

The Bottom Line– Director Garreth Edwards has made a terrific movie, that will erase the bad memory of the ’98 Matthew Broderick version. The King of monsters is back, and he’s better than ever before.

Rating- 9.5/10


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Blade BrownGodzillaMovie Review

brandonw • May 19, 2014

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