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Movie Review: “Ex Machina” by Blade Brown

A young programmer is selected to participate in a breakthrough experiment in artificial intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a female A.I.

 After seeing a few TV spots, I gained some interest in this movie. While still not knowing a lot about it, I decided to roll the dice and check it out. Besides betting on Floyd Mayweather against Manny Pacquiao, this was the best decision I’ve made in 2015 so far.

 As the movie starts, we meet Caleb. A computer programmer who works for “Bluebook”, the world’s largest search engine company. After winning what is stated to be a company lottery, he’s flown out to meet and visit the company’s CEO, Nathan, at his secluded house in the mountains. After reluctantly signing a nondisclosure agreement, he’s told that he’ll be helping Nathan run tests on a humanoid robot named “Ava”.

 During a classical Turing Test of Artificial Intelligence, the tester can interrogate the computer and is shown its responses without knowing whether they come from an A.I. or a human. If its replies can’t be distinguished from the replies a real human would give, the test is passed, and the computer must be considered intelligent. In this test however, Nathan let’s Caleb know upfront that Ava is an android. So if Caleb still considers Ava to be “human”, the test will truly be meaningful. As the tests progress, Caleb becomes more drawn to Ava and more weary of Nathan and his intentions. 

 The performances in the film are all top-notch. The direction is magnificent, as this tiny budgeted Science Fiction movie blows most blockbusters out of the water. The story is outstanding and the visual effects are surreal. The film is extremely suspenseful as all plot twists lead to an unexpected conclusion.

The Bottom Line:
 This is without a doubt the best film I’ve seen so far this year. It’s also one of the best Sci-Fi movies of the last decade. A pleasant surprise to say the least, Ex Machina is a cinematic experience you have to see to believe.


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brandonw • May 14, 2015

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