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Edge of Tomorrow Brainofbmw Review

[ Movie Review ] “Edge of Tomorrow” by Blade Brown

Edge of Tomorrow Brainofbmw Review

Plot– An officer finds himself caught in a time loop in a war with an alien race. His skills increase as he faces the same brutal combat scenarios, and his union with a Special Forces warrior gets him closer and closer to defeating the enemy.

Review– Tom Cruise is a star. For over 30 years he’s been in the entertainment business making movies, and he is probably the most consistent actor in Hollywood when it comes to making quality movies. Some movies are better than others, but for the most part all of his movies are good. With the release of his new film “Edge Of Tomorrow”, you can add another win to his resume.
Making another science fiction action movie, almost exactly one year after your last film(Oblivion) fell into the same category is a risky decision. A decision most actors wouldn’t make. Luckily for us, Tom Cruise isn’t most actors. With a filmography spanning over three decades, he’s been able to do all types of movies. Drama(Vanilla Sky), Action(Top Gun), Fantasy(Legend) & comedy(Tropic Thunder), and he’s flourished in all types of roles. In Edge Of Tomorrow, we get to see all of these genres of films packed in one fantastic film.
The film plays out like “Groundhog Day”. After being suddenly placed on the front line for battle, Major William Cage, a US Military Officer & spokesman for the UDF(United Defense Forces) dies minutes after being thrust into battle. But due to a interaction with one of the aliens, he is able “reset” the day. After realizing he’s not crazy, and what is happening to him is actually happening, he tries to warn people of the impending doom they all face. With each reset, he picks up new skills and gets further into the fight. After befriending a soldier who once had the power he does, she agrees to train him everyday until they figure out a way to win the war. He just has to die everyday until they can successfully defeat their enemy.
Seeing Tom Cruise die about 50 times on screen doesn’t get as old as you might think. In fact, almost every time he resets, it happens in a unexpected fashion that puts a smile on your face. Cruise, as usual is great in the film. He’s able to portray the coward he starts off as & the soldier he turns into flawlessly. Its pretty much a dual role and not many actors are capable of this task. Not to be outdone, Emily Blunt is just as good in this movie and clearly has a future as an action star if she wishes to be one. They have great chemistry together, and its fun watching this petite woman boss around the seemingly eternally youthful Cruise.
The Bottom Line- This is the most fun I’ve had at the movies this year. With impressive effects, a great story with even better acting, Edge Of Tomorrow is a perfect film. I didnt just see a movie, i had an experience. And the final scene in the movie completely summed up my experience. See this movie. In fact, see it twice.
Rating- 10/10
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