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[ Mixtape ] Tony Dufresne “Mic Check”

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Shawshank’s(Pittsburgh) own Tony Dufresne collaborates with the Californian producer Mike Chek(producer of Riff Raff’s “Freeze Dried”)to provide a soulful EP that displays the artistry of storytelling with smooth production and infectious hooks. These two paint vivid pictures and provide original concepts that can be felt by people of all walks of life. This is hip-hop in its purest form. Reality rap. Enjoy.

Twitter: @tonydufresne @MikeChekMusic @popgh @jaysee412

More On Tony DueFresne:
When pure hip hop is mentioned, one rarely thinks of the underground anymore. But Pittsburgh’s Tony “Lil Tone” Dufresne oozes pure hip hop for all the right reasons. He brings a sound that is silky smooth, digestible and speaks nothing but truth on a variety of subjects. Not one for chasing riches or fame, Tone dedicates his time to his craft and is responsible for the concept, creative direction, written lyrics, vocals, and marketing for each one of his projects. Tone also excels outside of the booth when it comes to graphic design, boasting an education from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A multi-talented, well-rounded artist, anything that Tony Dufresne touches has his unmistakable flavor on it and sounds cohesive, front to back, in a way most underground projects do not.
Furthermore, he’s no one-hit-wonder. Tone burst onto the underground hip hop scene with a series of monthly mixtapes throughout the entire year of 2010, culminating in a nomination for Pittsburgh’s “Best Underground Artist of the Year,” and he hasn’t looked back. He has maintained a furious release schedule since 2011 (ten projects) without sacrificing quality in the least.

Tony Dufresne is the blue collar, hip hop traditionalist’s dream artist. You won’t find him in a music video bragging about things he doesn’t have. Instead, you’re more likely to find him locked in a studio recording, speaking about his daily struggles and journey. And whether it’s through an intricate verse or an intelligent hook gliding over a beat, Tone’s message promises to go straight from your ears to your heart. Because he bases his music solely off of life experience, with no concern for doing big numbers, there is an authenticity in him that you simply cannot buy.

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brandonw • July 20, 2013

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