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[Mixtape] Tierra Richell “I Am Tierra Richell Mixtape”

Tierra Richell Stevenson (born February 26th, 1988) From Rochester, NY, simply known as Tierra Richell, previously known as Star AKA Fresh & Baby- T. She currently owns and is signed to Shore Side Life as a Recording artist & Song Writer. Tierra Richell is one of those real talents that arise from the inner city Streets. She is a fresh new face on the scene with a creative mind that combines street edge lyrical combat with a slick witty character. Modeling herself like no other, Tierra Richell is officially ready. Tierra Richellwrites her own material (which she has adapted to laying down her lyrics without a pen and a pad), as well as helping to destroy the concept that females can’t hold it down in the rap industry. After relocating to Miami, FL she found her uncensored image and evolved in to a lyrical beast. Eliminating all limits previously indicated byte rap game. Tierra Richell has a down south swag with a New York projection and a verbal charisma that captures ears all the way to the west coast. While she was still the young Baby T With a Billboard 100 Hit entitled “Get Stupid” While signed to Gone Crazy Ent., she was being classified as “What’s next for the females in the Streets & beyond,” for her uncut rapping ability. Now known as Tierra Richell She’s still ripping the scenes demanding attention showing the world what an opinionated, image suppressed, verbally wreck less stud can offer to educate and entertain the world with her tribulations and rock star story lines.

Tierra Richell managed to accumulate a huge buzz throughout the state of Florida by performing and battling at Hot Import Nights as Boo

Twitter: @TierraRichell
Listen: http://www.soundcloud.com/TierraRichell

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brandonw • April 22, 2013

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