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The Prez Tape Brainofbmw Mixtape

[ Mixtape ] The Prez Tape 2.0 Hosted by VeeAye4prez

The Prez Tape  Brainofbmw Mixtape
The Prez Tape 2. Hosted by @VeeAye4prez features the up and coming hip-hop artists that were featured on his blog:theprezshow.wordpress.com this past year. The Prez Tape 2 (Side A) is the first installment with (Side B) dropping in January 2014. The Prez Tape 2 Features: Geek Beatz, Mars Jackson, The Come Up Boys, Grimez, Shig, Tristan_Fame, C.H.R.I.S., Nike Nando, Truely_AP, KH, Middi, Fam Ross, ID Labs, PK Delay, JKJ, Ki-Ki Lyrics, Pink Lip Bastuurd, Badio and The Wave.


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brandonw • January 1, 2014

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