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Guordan Banks “A Song For Everyone”

New mixtape from Dreamchaser artist Guordan Banks “A Song For Everyone“. I MIGHT be late to the party on Guordan but this mixtape right here??? This Tape RIGHT HERE? Ok Ok, THIS MIXTAPE IS FIRE! Seriously this is an amazing piece of work. It has maybe too much “Tune” (I hate auto tune in almost any capacity) but from what I can tell he has a good voice. The songwriting is on point as well as the production. He captured that old school R&B sound, this doesn’t FEEL like new 2015 R&B and I LOVE that…Ok, not ALL of the mixtape sounds like 2015 R&B the song featuring Omelly & Wale isn’t’ my favorite for that reason specifically. Not a terrible song just feels skippable/disposable like MOST new R&B. That one song doesn’t change my view that this is a great project. Also It makes sense that a song like is on here considering the title… I get it Guordan… I get it.. I’m looking forward to hearing more but for now.. Get link me & enjoy “A Song For Everyone

Twitter: @guordan

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brandonw • May 20, 2015

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