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[ Mixtape ] Potent TAI “Omni-Potent”

Lone Star State Music Brainofbmw


Check out the new mixtape “Omni-Potent” from Austin, Texas artist Potent TAI. Potent started of as a shy kid, growing up in the heart of Newark, New Jersey also known as “Brick City”.
Growing up in the peak of Hip hop’s emergence into mainstream music, the early 1990’s produced some of Jay’s biggest influences which helped him create his own style.Some of his biggest influences were Krs 1, Bootcamp click, Biggie and Tupac just to name a few. After years of dabbling and just having fun with his talent Potent began perfecting his style and taking it to that next level so he could pursue something more serious. With that, the artist “Potent Tai” emerged and he was determined to be one of the greatest in the art of rhyming.His music remains untainted by repetitive licks about flashy cars or easy women but rather touches on current real life issues while still keeping his music real. He moved to Texas in May 2010 to start a new chapter in his life. Since he has been here he worked with Clear Channel on 102.3 The Beat as an on air personality ,as well as worked in promotions.He did a segment with JoJo called Word On The Streets (which you can find on his soundcloud) where he would tape celebrity news gossip and sports in a verse, new and fresh everyday with a new instrumental.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Potent-Tai/136274533067189
Twitter: @PotentTAI
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/potent-tai
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/potenttai

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brandonw • November 27, 2013

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