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[Mixtape] Nomad Carlos “Me Against The Grain”


Kingston, Jamaica resident Nomad Carlos presents Me Against The Grain, a free mixtape with all-original material featuring cameos from fellow Kingston rappers  Five Steez and TSD as well as production from Natural High Muzik, Tronic, MPC Boyz, The Consultancy, Inztinkz, The Patents, Sinima, DJ King Flow and Paperchase Beats. Grain follows the release of the music video for first single  “As Real As It Gets” (watch video here). Born in Miami and raised in Kingston from the age of 5, Carlos has dropped several albums and performed relentlessly in Jamaica, proudly flying the flag for hip-hop in a country dominated by dancehall and reggae. “The theme behind Grain is basically me trying to build something from the ground up,” explains Carlos. “Especially being a hip hop artist in Jamaica where there isn’t a huge market for hip hop, it’s almost like a lot of things are against me. I think the album is special because it gives a new outlook through the content of hip hop. It’s something that the average person can relate to, especially people coming up trying to make something of themselves.” Earlier this year, Nomad released Live From Yard, hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar.

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brandonw • November 21, 2012

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