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[ Mixtape ] Mirage The Illusionist “The Truth Hurts”


Mirage The Illusionist is an up and coming rap artist repersenting the city of Philadelphia PA. His music is a mix of the struggles in the street, everyday 9 to 5 dead end jobs, and fight between ones self through the search of religion. Very laid back type of artist but also speaks with much intensity and power. Mirage is also known for his creative song writing, deep lyrics, and positive message he brings to his audience. Many people name him as the furture of hip hop and all around real music because everything his music repersents is all around what anybody goes through in life in search of a purpose. This is his second mixtape which he released on april 28th 2013 called “The Truth Hurts”. This work of art consist of 15 incredible deep and meaniful songs, a true revolution in the state of hip hop which is so watered down at the moment. Backed with outstanding production and excellent wordplay this mixtape speaks right to the individual listening to it by explaing the reason why the truth hurts to most of us.


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brandonw • May 24, 2013

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