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[ Mixtape ] Mars Jackson “Hype Chill”

As one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the Pittsburgh rap scene, Mars Jackson, sees himself as an artist who is trying to share his life through his music.
“I’m giving my self to my city. My emotions, my feelings, trails and tribulations. All of that.”
They say you can’t rush the process of greatness. That seems to be the overarching theme of Mars Jackson’s career. Never one to rush music his projects have all been released a considerable amount of time apart in relation to each other much like music was back in the 90’s. This has also led to all of Mars’s projects being highly anticipated, much like his newest mixtape, HypeChill, being released on August 13th, 2013.
If any adjective could be used to describe Mars’s style it would have to be versatile. Influenced by many different artists, eras, and genres of music fans would say that his music could be the background noise to all of life’s most important and interesting situations.
“My music reflects change”
No other quote could be truer. From BAMDICT to Coffee Break to Loft Music, Mars maneuvers easily between giving listeners thought provoking lyrics and content to always utilizing dope productions and catchy hooks. Simply put in the realm of rap music Mars knows how to do it all.
His music has been featured on blogs such as, The Lily Mercer Show in the UK, Emilio Sparks , Blog or Die, and BarrelhouseBKLYN. #NewPittsburgh, a collective group of all things cool, spearheaded by cultural tastemaker John Geiger, looks at Mars as their spokesman in the Pittsburgh rap scene.
Hypechill arrives just in time to highlight Jackson’s lyrical and life transitions.
Hii Class Society. Be Hype. Be Chill.

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brandonw • August 14, 2013

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