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Mackswell Powers Mixtape Brainofbmw Music

[ Mixtape ] Mackswell Powers “Motherless Child (Born Day)”

Mackswell Powers Mixtape Brainofbmw Music

New mixtape from up & coming artist Mackswell Powers “Motherless Child (Born Day)
Mackswell is the example of what happens when a genius grows up in the middle of the hood. His view of the world is cynical, his past experiences; foster homes, poverty, and crime. Fill his songs with visual and emotional realism from the perspective of a young educated American urban dweller.


Twitter: @MackswellPowershttps://app.yesware.com/t/4b6f203e0c3fe81ec257d6137442d4321f567fec/f934ba75e899f64b731fcf155f8bc8bd/spacer.gif
Music: https://soundcloud.com/mackswell-powers

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brandonw • December 5, 2013

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