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Katrell Antonio Platt Brainofbmw Music

[ Mixtape ] Katrell Antonio Platt “The Restoration”

Katrell Antonio Platt Brainofbmw Music

The Katrell Antonio Platt Tape (K.A.P. Tape) “The Restoration A short, simple, & sweet collection of tracks from Katrell Platt. This is what he always wanted to do (before all the hype) – put out a professionally recorded project with his family. Contributions and performances by Cory Purvis, Allen Ferguson (All3n F.), Ted Etheridge (Music Box Studio), and Katrina Platt bring this long awaited dream to reality. The album carries a dreamy ambient sound with lots of tracks that oscillate between jazz and R&B beats. That’s not to say it’s totally slow or lackluster; on the contrary the songs in the middle of the album are soulful, pack a real punch and have solid energy. Great lounging and honest music, nothing less.

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brandonw • January 5, 2014

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