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De'Wayne Jackson Song Brainofbmw Music

[ Mixtape ] De’Wayne Jackson “Who Is He?”

De'Wayne Jackson Song Brainofbmw Music

New mixtape from De’Wayne Jackson “Who Is He?

To be fresh faced, talented and on the verge of something special. It sounds like a page fresh out of “To Be Young, Gifted & Black” but instead its the preamble to Dewayne Jackson. For months the 18-year old rapper has starred at the walls inside of his room and transferred those thoughts into free wheeling tracks that speak on growth and his own introduction to the rest of the world. Since we were first introduced via “Higher Learning”, Jackson has jutted his legs out and hit the ground running, raising questions about his stage presence (definitely there) and how can he pace his own growth. Who Is He? is a concise sample of all those thoughts, all those days looking at those who’ve made it and he believing in his own inclusion to the party.
The 10-track mixtape contains no features, it’s all De’Wayne’s show here and gets production from the likes of Domo Arygoto, Deshun Swayze, James Curtis & more.


Twitter: @dewayne_wavy

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brandonw • December 11, 2013

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