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“Killing a Pre-teen will cost you $6Ms but no Jail Time” (God Bless Tamir Rice) by BMW

In November 2014 Officer Timothy Loehmann shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice after responding to a 9-1-1 call. This murder will cost the city of Cleveland $6 million, but Loehmann won’t see a day in jail. A Grand Jury declined to prosecute despite the horrific incident being caught on film. A man who was hired with a “sketchy” performance record to say the least.

A Nov. 29, 2012 letter contained in Tim Loehmann’s personnel file from the Independence Police Department says that during firearms qualification training he was “distracted” and “weepy.” “He could not follow simple directions, could not communicate clear thoughts nor recollections, and his handgun performance was dismal,” according to the letter written by Deputy Chief Jim Polak of the Independence police.

Source Cleveland.com

So you’re telling me they hired a cop who had what his evaluators considered “dismal” handgun performance?? DISMAL???? Handling a gun is one of the essential aspects of police work. We can’t be surprised that Loehmann murdered someone. What I’m more shocked about is that is hasn’t happened more than once. So if you have the coin you can go to Africa and “hunt” a lion. In Cleveland you don’t even have to have the money or the ability to handle your weapon, the city will provide BOTH! If you weren’t offended by the killing of young Tamir then you at the very least should be upset by the money the city’s tax payers have to fork over. Keep a close eye on the number of citations, fines and arrests handed out by that craphole of a city. I’m willing to bet those numbers spike like never before because someone’s gotta pay that $6 Million murder fee.

I have a son Jonas he turned 13 this year, the idea that this happened 2 hours away from me strikes fear in my heart. I try not let my sons play with guns, the only kind we buy are bright neon colored Nerf guns. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THAT! Police need more pysch screenings, more conflict resolution training and those in charge of hiring need better evaluation skills. God bless the Rice family, that money will never bring them back their son or fill the void he left.

I do have a few questions, first to the person who called the police regarding this situation from the start. Why? Was the dispatcher who failed to advise the police that the person they are encountering could be a child fired? If not what are they waiting for? I’d consider that to be a firable offense. 

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The city of Cleveland has agreed to pay Tamir Rice’s family $6 million to settle a federal lawsuit filed over the boy’s November 2014 shooting death by city police.

The settlement, announced Monday, does not resolve all of the lingering legal issues surrounding the 12-year-old’s killing. However, it is a sign that both the city and the boy’s family did not want to endure what could be tension-filled litigation process that could last years.

The settlement was revealed via a court filing in front of Chief U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver Jr.

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brandonw • April 25, 2016

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