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Jus Smith No Hesistation Video

Jus Smith “No Hesitation” (Dir by VarEZ)

Simplicity provides a fine line between elegance and plainness

Ok so I jacked that line from Taye Diggs character Dre in the movie “Brown Sugar” but it fits well with this new video from Harlem’s own Jus Smith. The new visual for his latest release “No Hesitation” is simple but not corny & basic. The focus here is & should be on what Jus is saying… I could throw out the quotables ad nauseum but I won’t. Watch the video enjoy the beautiful young lady but lock in on the bars. There are a ton….. I have a feeling this is just a small sample of more fire to come from Jus & Var…..

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brandonw • August 24, 2014

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