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JKJ “Swervin'” ft. Spacejam Jiff (Prod By Nate Kodi)

I thought JKJ had finally let me down…. I didn’t think it was possible… But the way this beat started out I was ready to diss the hell out of this song. WHEN THE BEAT DROPPED THOUGH? Game changer….. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a trash song from JKJ. I’m hard pressed to find a wack song, I might go as far as to say I’ve never heard a wack verse…. I’ve been mentioning him as one of the “next up” in the city. The more new music I hear from him the more I have to tell guys like Swoozy, Hubbs, Boaz & BWhite to move over, make room for the young homey. Fresh off seeing him kill the stage with Rare Nation comrade Palermo Stone at “The Quarterly Joint” he is back with a new track called “Swervin” featuring another young artist I just recently met SpaceJam Jiff (of Norman Dean’s Team Epic affiliation). I have to give Jiff his just due, he almost held his own with JKJ on this track. There are just certain artists that you as an artist have to expect that regardless to how many times you re-write your verse its not enough. Everything about this song is dope sans the intro. I get how it works with the song overall but man I hate it lol. (Note after listening atleasst 7 times the intro isn’t THAT bad I’ll admit its growing on me.) On another note I can’t wait to see JKJ perform this song live! I really have to stop slacking & get JKJ’s new album (you should as well).

Purchase¬†“Internal Warfare” via “iTunes” today!
Website: www.rarenation.com/jkj
Twitter: @JkJ412, @SpaceJamJiff, @NateKodi, @Rarenation

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brandonw • June 9, 2015

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