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[Poetry] Jesse Abundis “Modern Thieves Of Society”

Los Angeles bred poet Jesse Abundis brings you “Modern Thieves Of Society” a peice from his book “Years of Refusal


(Modern Thieves Of Society )
They scream and shout
They say they speak for God
They are his mouth piece
They judge those around them, with their book in their hands
Stone the gays, they say
Stone the women who abort, they say
Stone the single mother, they say
So many stones
Yet, their sins are greater
They hide behind their good book, keeping safe from the outside world
Their wrongs can be undone with a fake tear and prayer of forgiveness
After all, the devil made them do it
As he made me do this poem
He says, cruse those two-faced liars who hide behind God.
Who make a quick buck on the foolish and closed minded.
The modern thieves of society live in the house of God.

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brandonw • July 8, 2012

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