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“Is the Confederate Flag the Problem?” by BMW

I wasn’t really going to touch on this issue BUT since I saw Nas post an interesting quote on IG I figured I should “DO my googles”*Fredro Starr Voice*. Once I did some research I was able to confirm what Nas posted was true at least in part. The quote was quote from the original designer William T Thompson.
Nas Instagram

So this pretty much confirms that this flag shouldn’t be flying ANYWHERE…. BUT lets not act like fools. Yes the “Rebel Flag” has a direct connection to white supremacy but what about the current US flag? The flag was first authorized by Congress June 14, 1777. This date is now observed as Flag Day throughout America. (this is an excerpt I pulled from a US History website)

It was first decreed that there should be a star and a stripe for each state, making thirteen of both; for the states at the time had just been erected from the original thirteen colonies. The colors of the Flag may be thus explained: The red is for valor, zeal and fervency; the white for hope purity, cleanliness of life, and rectitude of conduct; the blue, the color of heaven, for reverence to God, loyalty, sincerity, justice and truth.

The star (an ancient symbol of India, Persia and Egypt) symbolized dominion and sovereignty, as well as lofty aspirations. The constellation of the stars within the union, one star for each state, is emblematic of our Federal Constitution, which reserves to the States their individual sovereignty except as to rights delegated by them to the Federal Government.

So lets pull a few facts from that “The flag was first authorized by Congress June 14, 1777. This date is now observed as Flag Day throughout America.“… June 14 the year of our Lord Seventeen Hundred Seventy Seven. So this flag was flown everywhere for almost 100 years BEFORE they even created the first Confederate flag. It’s under the American Flag that laws were created to enslave people, hold them as slaves & to disenfranchise those who had become citizens. It’s under the American Flag that black people weren’t allowed to vote until 8/6/1965 (188 years after the congress’ authorization of the first US flag). The list goes on, Jim Crow laws, Brown vs Board, man the first black President wasn’t elected until 2008!! Two hundred thirty one years after Congress authorized the flag. I haven’t even touched on everything that has happened to Native Americans. “Trail of Tears” ring a bell? All of this happened while the flag was flying…. SO there is really no point in pretending. Apple had all apps that use the confederate flag image removed from the app store, Walmart won’t sell them & other entities  are banning them all over the nation. What good is banning the ONLY the Confederate flag? It was a representation of the Confederacy which stood for a good half decade. If the real reason we are banning the rebel flag is in pursuit of racial equality then should we ban all flags & start over? While we are at can we remove Presidents who owned slaves from our currency? 13 of the first 18 Presidents owned slaves as well as Ben Franklin (yes, he did later in life become an abolitionist). So lets re-do the flag & the currency. Those two things in reality won’t do a thing to bring about social change, they would however, piss off a great deal of people & sometimes that’s exactly what we need to spark a conversation for change.

It’s my firm belief that in 2015 we have evolved enough as people that we don’t need a large colorful piece of cloth to represent who we are. Our every day actions should do that. I have no issue with celebrations that represent who we are and what we believe in as long as those don’t harm others. Not everything passed on fr the old days needs to continue at some point we have to think for ourselves respect what was and build for what will be.

I don’t want to in any way shape or form disrespect those who are in the military. Many of my friends & family are active duty or have served for years, I respect, admire & appreciate the sacrifice they have made for what they believe in. I talked with a veteran recently & he spoke about his disdain for seeing the U.S. flag being burned. He spoke to me about how it angers & hurts him & I can’t express how deeply passionate he came across to me. I wanted to explain my view to him that he does not fight for a flag, he fought for an idea, the idea of freedom, life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. A flag can’t represent that not one that has flown while so many injustices have taken place. So to my brothers & sisters who have fought I salute & appreciate you but please understand that we have a great deal of fixing to do & it has to start somewhere.


Few quick thoughts

  • Yes I am 100% aware that the flag in the graphic (I designed) is NOT the Confederate Flag(click here for info on the history of the true Confederate Flag) but the “Rebel Flag”, “Dixie Flag” or “Battle Flag”. No matter the name, shape, age or color all those flags represent people for the most part who were 100% accepting of Slavery & racial inequality.
  • You ever notice that 98% of the defenders of the Confederate flag always say something close to “If you don’t like it go back to where you came from”. Really?
  • I find this college students point of view somewhat aligned with mine … key word “SOMEWHAT” inamerica.blogs.cnn.com/2011/12/05/black-student-defends-his-confederate-flag/
  • South Carolina’s Senate has passed a bill to remove the Dixie/Rebel/Battle flag from the state capitol in Columbia. It’s a bit crazy to think something as small as taking down a flag that for SO MANY has been a representation of oppression, racism & defeat is so difficult to do. Just goes to show how far we as a nation have come & how far we must go.
  • While we are re-naming things that are offensive, that NFL Team in the Washington DC area? Its time.
  • I’m not here for a Rainbow flag either, I believe any & everyone has a right to love & marry whoever they want but I don’t want that flag to represent the entire country. It’s fine for you to do what you want with that just allow those who are not part of your movement to be respected as well.

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