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Interview w/Trevor Kelly by TJ Harris

It’s around 1pm on a breezy Monday morning when my phone receives the oh so familiar text sound “Skype Later.” The Message was sent from Trevor (TK) Kelly a Bass Music Producer from Southern California now residing in the Bay Area.

TK and I originally met several years back during one of my many adventures along the West Coast and then again years later when he was given the opportunity to perform here in Pittsburgh where I reside.

TK’s performances are full of high energy all original music unlike most DJ’s you see today he’s spent years in the studio recording, mixing, and mastering beats. At only 24 he boasts a catalog of releases on some of the best known Bass music labels in the Bay Area including Muti Music, Mal Label, Irie Cartel, Street Ritual, and Substruk.

His most recent Lp is out for free download on Bandcamp.com It’s titled “We on to Something” and features some stand out tunes including the Juke influenced “On that Lean” and the Bass heavy “Bust it for me Shawty” a great mix of organic sounds used to compose a tune that the average music listener would have a hard time not bobbing their head to.

How many Eps/Albums have you released so far

“I actually just put out an 8 track LP a few days ago. It’s called We on to Something. All together i’ve put out over 12 Ep/Lp’s; More than 40 on Beatport, Music Retailers.”

What was it that got you started in music production

“My first Rave I went to with my friend Griffin when I was 12 or 13 in 8th grade. It was this Halloween Massive. I had seen Pendulum Live and Markus Shultz and I was just blown away that this type of culture was available to everyone not just billionaire kids. I was heavily involved in live music until I was about 16 when all of these programs started to come out that allowed me to be able to compose and perform the music I wanted to make the way I wanted to make it. ”

On the topic of programs what is your favorite to use for production

“My main go to is Ableton right now. I do use Logic and Reason, which I’ll sometimes rewire to customize my sounds. I’m usually on the road so I’ll carry with me a mini M audio keyboard (Axiom Air32) Its got some nice pads that are touch sensitive and great for making beats on the road.”

You just got off of a huge summer of west coast dates what were some of the highlights

“Oh man, so many awesome times this summer! Emissions! My hometown crew was off the chain. Huge Pk and Void sound, all the homies present. Rain Dance was unbelievable, Loved playing Sunday night 2nd stage for a Sea of people! My Still Dream set was one of my favorites I played. Collabz with Doshy felt like the party never ended ! And Burning Man at Camp ?, My set wednesday night at 4 am after Datsik and Doshy was indescribably fun! Played an entire set of all my latest productions. I also got to play the Camp ? All Stars set Saturday night (Burn Night) that lasted 2 hours; 5 way b2b set between myself, G. Jones, Yheti, Bleep Bloop, and Doshy. Quite the party in the booth that night!”

G Jones vs Doshy vs Trevor Kelly vs Yheti vs Bleep Bloop – Camp Question Mark @ Burning Man 2014
Did Skrillex and Diplo really get booed off stage at Burning man

“ …all publicity is good publicity! haha…But their set at camp ? was off the hook! Place was thumpin!”

Diplo vs Skrillex (Jack U) – Camp Question Mark @ Burning Man 2014
That being said are you planning on robbing any banks or anything we should know about

“Uh totally,I got this whole scandal coming along”

Whats next for you

“I have a ton of releases coming out. I always do, I kinda write too much music for it to come out at the right time because I’m a 100% independant artist meaning no booking agent or management . I’m also planning my 2nd US tour and trying to expand into Canada this year as well. I heard from my homie and fellow producer G. Jones that they are bumping the West Coast sound out there pretty heavy. I’m also currently on the phone with you TJ to discuss some East coast dates!”

You can catch Trevor Kelly Halloween night in West Virginia at the beginning of his fall Tour and follow him on all of his social media for other upcoming dates and releases! Find his music on Beatport.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TrevorKellyTunes
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/trevorkellyproductions
Twitter: @TrevorKelly3


Be sure to follow TJ Harris on twitter @bc1tj

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