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“I’m Here for That” by BMW

Just wanted to let you know a few things that “I’m here for” in one way or another…
Mull this over.. Riley Cooper said ON VIDEO while drunk “I’ll fight every N*GGER here bro” and he is still in the league just got a contract extension too….. But Ray Rice can’t even play as himself on Madden….. how’s that work? “I’m here for that” with “that” being equality in all phases of life….Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life & forced to make $2Billion by selling his team. All because of the racist comments he made… I get that the NFL & NBA aren’t the same leauge but “C’mon Son” *Ed Lover Voice*

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I’m here for that” with “that” being  TMZ having way less power. They have broken major news stories regarding the NBA(Donald Sterling, & the Atlanta Hawks) College Footbal (Jameis Winston) & the NFL (Ray Rice, Roger Goodell). First the Donald Sterling thing now this thing with the Atlanta Hawks owner & GM…. I read the Barry Levenson’s letter (Read it here ), I wasn’t offended while reading it, then I text my friend E who lives in ATL & goes to Hawks games… she read it & confirmed his issues were legit! Silver lining is he might have not been making a ton of money off that semi-successful team so when he sells he can cash out… I’m here for Danny Ferry to just STFU…. the stuff that was allegedly in Luol Deng’s scouting report that he read in a conference call was uncalled for. If that is in there you skip over it and find out what scout wrote it & HE needs to stand up and own what he said & apologize to Luol….. “I’m here for” the solid response Mr Deng had to all of this check that here…


That new Iphone 6? I’m here for that…. not so much that 6 Plus

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I’m here for that” a peaceful ending to all things related to ISIS….


I’m here for that” actually I’m NOT here for the season finally of “Married At First Sight“! My wife & I were #TeamVoney & they chose to get a divorce? I’m just not here for divorce honestly…. I was HOPING they would try to stick it out many don’t realize how hard it is to be married & stay married (SIX years strong SON! WHAT! lol)…. Anyway up until the finale they had me hooked… I’m not checking for a season 2 or the reunion….

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In light of the recent developments regarding the NFL & this Ray Rice ordeal… As SOON as Goodell resigns that very next game I demand for whatever Steeler scores first to do the Shmoney Dance… I honestly don’t care if its a Sushi field goal lol! Also I’m here for James Harrison UN-retiring & starting at OLB for my Steelers! (GET IT DONE!!! #BringBackSilverBack )

Bobby Shmurda Shmoney Dance Brainofbmw


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brandonw • September 10, 2014

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